PC 201 - Train the Trainer


Train the Trainer (T3) 201 is an unclassified course designed to provide prospective instructors the philosophy, media, methods and processes for conducting the Planners Course 101 (PC 101).  The purpose of the course is to develop and certify instructor candidates to become competent in teaching the PC 101.  This 32 hour program of instruction is conducted by certified instructors with practical planning experience and is supported through the DHS Office of Policy; Office of Strategy, Plans, Analysis and Risk (SPAR), the DHS Chief Learning Officer and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  At the conclusion of the training, instructor candidates will receive a certificate of completion, and when found competent, will also receive a certification to teach the 5-day PC 101. 

Category:  Professional Skills


Objectives: Students attending the course will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competencies in providing instructor led training including for the PC 101
  • Describe philosophy behind the PC 101 and relate it to instructional competence
  • Develop and implement a lesson plan
  • Demonstrate the ability to team teach a portion of the PC 101 material
  • Assessment is via Instructor Certification Criteria Checklist

Eligibility/Requirements:  At this time, priority for the training is given to DHS employees.  Individuals employed by another Federal Government Agency will be registered whenever space is available.  If you have any questions, contact the Course Registrar at NPCRegistration@hq.dhs.gov.


Course Prerequisites:

  1. In order to attend the Train the Trainer 201, participants are required to:
  • Receive their supervisor's nomination.
  • Have successfully attended and graduated from the 5-day Planners Course 101
  • Have successfully completed the Train the Trainer 201 Pre-work module and received a confirmation from the Course Registrar to attend the course.
  • Review the Planners Course 101 materials two weeks prior to attending the Train the Trainer 201 course.
  • Possess an eagerness to learn new skills and improve their professional development and public speaking skills.
  1. Prior to attending the Train the Trainer 201, participants are required to have taken these on-line courses: FEMA IS-453 Intro to Homeland Security Planning
  2. Each participant is encouraged to complete the following online courses accessed through the FEMA EMI Independent Study website:  IS 100, 200, 700, and 800B.
  3. Prior to attending the Train the Trainer 201, participants are encouraged to read the current versions of the following documents:
  • Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-5 and HSPD-7
  • Presidential Policy Directive-8
  • Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG ) 101.

Capacity:  30 seats per class


Available Dates/Registration Deadlines:
December 6-9, 2016   (Registration deadline:  November 15, 2016)

DHS Training Center
90 K Street NE, Suite 1250
Washington DC 20002


Cost: None


Technology Requirements:

Participants are strongly encouraged to bring laptops and air cards for lesson plan development.  Participants will benefit greatly from the HSIN website.


Course Information:

To register for this course, email your request to:  NPCRegistration@hq.dhs.gov.  Please use Train the Trainer in the subject line, and include your name, agency, email address and a contact number. 

You will be provided with a Prerequisite Checklist and Signature Page via email, which must be completed and returned to the Course Registrar at NPCRegistration@hq.dhs.gov.