On-site Professional Development Workshops

On-site Professional Development Workshops

Professional Training Without Leaving the Office

Customized for Onsite Delivery
To maximize the impact of the training and education experience for individuals, teams, and organizations, ALIS offers a customized, onsite delivery option. 

What is customized, onsite delivery?
Our customized, onsite delivery option provides organizations with a tailored learning experience at a location of your choice.  ALIS subject matter experts customize a seminar or workshop to the organization’s mission, needs, and environment. 

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What are the benefits to customized, onsite delivery?

  • Enhancing organizational, team, and individual performance.  Each organization has unique features:  culture, climate, environment, mission, and challenges.  Through customized, onsite delivery, your team benefits from a powerful, collaborative learning experience targeted to the unique features of your organization.  Onsite delivery provides a customized solution to translate your team/organization’s mission into results.
  • Working on relevant, contemporary examples to produce usable work products tailored to your organization and team.  Seminar activities and exercises are tailored to your specific mission, challenges, and environment.  Therefore, products developed during the learning event are relevant to your organization’s daily work in achieving desired results.
  • Increasing team effectiveness, strengthening internal networks, and building shared understanding.  Participants establish new internal networks with colleagues, exercise and strengthen teamwork, and develop shared understandings that in turn impact efficiencies and effectiveness in achieving results back on the job.
  • Providing a convenient and cost-effective training and education experience.  Bringing the training to you, allows employees to stay connected to their ongoing work requirements before and after class.  In addition, organizations save the travel and per diem costs associated with training and education experiences. 

What does a customized onsite training and education experience include?

  • A pre-course consultation to ensure we fully understand your needs.  During the pre-seminar consultation we gather critical information, such as your mission, environment, strengths, and current challenges.  Our subject matter experts use the information gathered to customize the learning experience, ensuring that the activities, exercises, and resulting work products are aligned to your needs and desired outcomes.
  • A post-course report to support your success in implementing new learning and skills.  In addition to participants receiving personalized feedback on their mastery of learning outcomes, our instructors provide the client (purchaser) with a summary of what was achieved, trends in understanding, and recommendations for supporting on-the-job application.

In order to make the most of onsite training, we require a minimum of 10 participants, with a limit of 25 participants per course session. 

For more information about customizing one of our seminars or workshops for onsite delivery or to schedule your pre-course consultation, please contact us.  

If you prefer to have us develop a one-of-a-kind course for your organization, click here to learn more about our expertise in training and education program development.