Leader Development

In this globalized, information-rich, connected world we believe that leaders have the responsibility to lead adaptation and innovation so that organizations continuously transform from what they are today to what they must be in the future - not just to succeed, but in order to contribute to the greater good of society.  We believe that the foundation of transformational leadership rests on comprehensive and complimentary knowledge, skills and attributes.  Leaders must know the specifics of their particular organization's functions, and how their organization can excel within the broader environment.  Leaders must effectively employ critical and creative thinking skills, problem-solving and problem-management skills, and leadership skills necessary to develop and enhance cohesive and effective teams that collaborate to innovate and achieve desired results.  Additionally, leaders must have the character and attributes that demonstrate a commitment to moral and ethical behavior.  Leaders must signal to the entire organization that their #1 goal on a daily basis is to serve and empower their team - for it is only through the achievements of the team that the leader succeeds.

At ALIS, our approach to leader development is designed to develop and inculcate the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for transformational leadership.  We employ the Socratic method - facilitating discussions in a manner that draws from the knowledge and experience of each seminar member while developing individual thinking and leadership skills.  All of our learning events include an experiential component, so that problem-solving and problem-management skills are developed in the context of real-world problem situations.  Our problem-based learning approach enables the application of new-found thinking and leadership skills, while providing moral and ethical dilemmas that reinforce the character and attributes that servant leaders must practice. 

In addition to seminars and workshops, we offer short-duration webinars and webcasts that are focused on essential and effective leader skills.  Like our seminars and workshops, each webinar and webcast has specific learning objectives so that participants complete each session with skills that can be immediately applied to their current role and duties while advancing their overall growth as a leader. 

Our current catalog of Leader Development opportunities includes:

Strategic Leadership and Strategy Development Program

Developing and Leading Organizational Learning

Generating Team Creativity

Design Thinking:  Solving and Managing Problems by Design

Strategic Foresight